AI Powered Seizure Management Platform

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Centralize your

Keep track of not only your seizures, but all other conditions, side effects and medications in one place


Edee integrates with your smartwatch to detect abnormalities and notify your loved ones


Learn how your everyday behaviours, medication, and other conditions are affecting your seizures so you can achieve a seizure free life sooner

Patient to doctor reporting

Have more meaningful appointments with your doctors by providing them information they want to know in a format they like

Enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring to get patients their diagnosis and most effective treatment faster

Save time reviewing events with patients and more time focusing on individual concerns

Why you should join our beta

No 2 persons experience with epilepsy is the same. With your help we can ensure that all of your specific needs are met

What you’ll be doing

- Testing new features
- Providing feedback to our team

What’s in it for you

- A free 3 month premium subscription at launch

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